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I have issues with finding motivation to play games, particularly my favorite kind — JRPGs. And it’s not that I don’t enjoy them anymore, honestly! They are practically all I think about.

But life gets in the way: Work, school, exhaustion, stress, trying to hide JRPGs from your girlfriend etc… It doesn’t help that the Japanese RPG genre has some of the longest video games out there. Sooner or later you come back to a┬ádusty save file and all that’s there is a world map with no clues on where to go next.

I want to provide that answer (Metaphorically, that is. I don’t actually know where the ‘White Seed Ship’ is in Final Fantasy VIII).

Icicle Disaster, its podcast, articles, and other coverage formats has created a game space for both the defeated and enthusiastic JRPG player. I tackle games you recommend, pump and track hours along the way, and discuss them in a weekly audio show. All in the hopes that our collective passion can, against all odds, knock some of these great experiences out and introduce them to others.

Contact the show at Icicle Disaster as a way to discover new JRPGs, recommend a JRPG to others, and to restore passion for a long loved genre.

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